Paul Schneller specializes in long-term projects with in depth explorations of socio-cultural topics. 


Over the last years he focussed on two main topics:

The first one is an in depth reportage of the Jewish life in Krakow and the influence of this contemporary and very unique movement on individuals and the Polish society. The second project is called AniMan and explores the socio-cultural interactions of Humans and Animals.


Paul has received his first education as a veterinarian at the University of Bern and is working for more than 10 years as an exotic vet in practice. Additionally, he graduated from the School of Arts Basel (Vorkurs) in 2011. He then trained his photographic skills in several up-grading courses at the School of Arts in Basel and international workshops; eg. Patrick Zachmann (Magnum): Kazimierz in transition, workshopX: editing and story telling (NOOR, Pep Bonet and Alixandra Fazzina).  At present, Paul is participating at a one year master class run by Meinrad Schade at Keystone Zürich.  


Paul is very much dedicated to combine the classical documentary style with experimental and new approaches of contemporary photography.