Uwe von Seltmann - his grandfather was a Nazi officer

Uwe von Seltmann is a writer and filmmaker who lives in Krakow since 2009, together with his wife Gaby. Uwe is the grand son of a SS officer who lived in Krakow during WW II. In this function his grand father was part of the horror troop that knocked down the Warsaw uprising in 1943. After he realised the cruelties of his ancestor he did extensive research and published the result in a book called “Schweigen die Täter reden die Enkel”. These experiences and findings changed his life dramatically and he quite his safe job as a chief editor in Germany. 

But the past also connects him in an incredible way with his wife Gaby. Her grandfather, Michal Pazdanowsk an intellectual and principal of an agricultural school in Poland, was also killed in Auschwitz and Uwe's grandfather was also responsible for his death. Both tell this story in the book "Gaby y Uwe" (Todleben).

This book overcomes the horrible consequences of the war with tolerance and respect to each other and shows how the life of the third generation after war - descendants of victims and perpetuators - is still very much influenced from the ancestors. 

(Work in progress)